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Workers’ Compensation Treatment

What do I do if I need Workers Comp Treatment in Raleigh, NC?

Many employers and employees have questions when it comes to workers’ compensation treatment. Employees focus on figuring out how to get the treatment they need and finding out the extent of that treatment. While employers focus on determining what they need to pay and how much insurance will cover. Rx Urgent Care Workers Comp

Medical treatment in workers’ comp cases according to North Carolina law should be covered by the employer or the employer’s insurance company. The coverage can depend on circumstances and can include treatment and assistance following treatment at medical facilities. Employers can require workers to report to a medical examination with a physician of the employer’s choice. Employees are allowed to get a second opinion from a physician that either the employer and the employee agree on, or that the NC Industrial Commission appoints.

Workers’ Comp Treatment Tips

Employers who have questions on the first steps to take when employees are injured on the job can refer here to the NC Industrial Commission page for employers during workers’ comp situations.

Employees who are wondering how to address an injury that they have just incurred on the job can refer here to the NC Industrial Commission page for employees who have been injured on the job.

Workers’ Comp Physicians in Raleigh, NC

RX Urgent Care offers timely management of initial workers’ compensation injuries and continued care. We work with the patient, the insurer, and the employer to provide quality healthcare.

Before coming to Rx Urgent Care for a worker’s comp related injury, be sure to obtain the appropriate form from your employer, and bring this with you. For faster service, please have a contact phone number for your supervisor available.

For more information about our workers’ compensation treatment, contact us at our office in Raleigh, NC.

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