An Affiliate of Wake Internal Medicine Consultants, Inc.

An Affiliate of Wake Internal Medicine Consultants, Inc.

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  1. Girl with a cold or flu

    Cold vs Flu: How to know which one you are suffering from

    A runny nose, scratchy throat, and nonstop sneezing — you can’t miss the signs of a cold. But mystery shrouds a lot of other things about it. Why do you seem to get them so often while your best friend stays well? And more importantly, how can you stay healthy this year? Get the lowdown […]

  2. National Institute of Health

    Find health information and resources at the National Institute of Health website here.

  3. Antibiotics: When they can and can’t help

    Antibiotics are medicines prescribed by your doctor to treat infections. However, it’s important not to overuse antibiotics. This can lead to antibiotic resistance. When this happens, the infection you are trying to treat becomes stronger than the medicine. The medicine will not be able to help you. – Read full article at

  4. CDC Antibiotic use

    Excellent article about antibiotic prescribing and use at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website here.

  5. Traveling out of the country?

    Travel Vaccinations Traveling out of the country, but not sure which vaccinations you should get? Visit this website to learn more prior to your vaccination appointment at RX Urgent Care.

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