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Rx Urgent Care (RXUC) provides drug testing for employers in the Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas. Our in-house laboratory allows our staff to test and receive results in a timely manner. Our urgent care clinic can test for most recreational, prescription and performance enhancing drugs.

How it Works

Drug testing involves the collection and analysis of a biological sample to determine whether a drug or specific metabolite of a drug is contained in the sample. If a drug or its metabolite exists in the sample, it can be inferred that the drug was previously, or is currently in the person’s system. However, some drug tests can provide false positives. These false positives indicate drugs were present even if the person may not have had drugs in their system. Biological samples can have influence on false positives as some are more reliable than others when tested. Here are some examples of biological samples that can be tested:







Detection Time-Frames

The timeframe of drugs being detectable in drug test samples varies significantly. It is very hard to determine the precise amount of time that a drug or its metabolite will be detectable in a person’s biological sample. However, here are some general timeframes you can expect to detect certain drugs in biological samples:

Alcohol- 6-24 hours, (ethyl glucuronide, up to 80 hrs)

Amphetamines– 1-3 days

Methamphetamine- 3-5 days

Ecstasy- 3-4 days

Barbiturates (excluding phenobarbital)- 1 day

Phenobarbital- 2-3 weeks

Cannabis- 7-10 days, Heavy users- up to 30 days

Cocaine- 2-5 days, Heavy users up to 7-10 days

Morphine- 2-4 days

LSD- 2-24 hours

Steroids- 3-30 days

PCP- 3-7 days, up to 30 days for Heavy users


Urinalysis (Urine Drug Screening)

Urinalysis is one of the more common forms of drug testing. At RXUC, we use urinalysis for most of our drug screening processes. We ensure the proper handling of the donor’s urine sample, and provide prompt results of the drug test directly to the intended party. At RXUC, we provide urinalysis drug test services for work, school, sports or legal matters. Urinalysis drug testing is fairly low cost and can detect most drugs and their metabolites.

Rx Urgent Care Drug Testing

RXUC provides quality drug testing services and results turnaround by using its in-house laboratory. As an employer, make sure you look over the drug testing detection timeframe list before sending an employee to be tested. For more information about our services, contact us today at one of our Raleigh, NC offices.