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When facing a minor illness, it’s not always convenient to see your primary care doctor. That’s why Rx Urgent Care is a great treatment alternative for those in the Raleigh NC area suffering with a minor illness. Open daytime, evenings, weekends and most holidays, Rx Urgent Care is on standby to offer you quality healthcare. Patients who are experiencing a minor illness and do not have a life-threatening condition can save time and money by using Rx Urgent Care as an alternative to the Emergency Room in Raleigh NC.

List of minor illnesses our urgent care in Raleigh treats:

  • Cough/Cold
  • Pink Eye
  • Upset stomach/nauseous
  • Abscess drainage
  • Allergies/Allergic reactions
  • Eye Infection
  • Wound Infection
  • Burns
  • Pediatric Care
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Confidential STD Tests
  • Sore Throat/Strep
  • Sinus infections/ear infections
  • Rashes/Bites
  • UTI
  • Bronchitis
  • Flu Symptoms
  • Skin Infections
  • Bladder Infections
  • Cuts requiring stitches
  • Asthma
  • X-Rays and minor fractures, 8-5, M-F

If you are experiencing a life-threatening condition or medical emergencies, please call 911 or got to your closest hospital emergency room.